Monday: Everything is fine now.

Near the end of their hike and my run, our 9 year son ran ahead of us on the trail, took a wrong turn, wondered around the forest for hours while we frantically searched for him, encountered a bear, and was eventually picked up around sunset by the search and rescue team we requested via SOS on our satellite tracker (we were an hour drive from cell signal). Many thanks to the Placer County Sheriff Department for coming through for us in a big way.

Sunday: Red Star Ridge, around mile 24 of the Western States course.

This should be about the last of the snow, just above 6200 ft.

Post Palmer Lake Death Race lunch at Native Foods Cafe. Will asks, “Are we having fun?”

I’ll let you be the judge.

8 hours into the Palmer Lake Death Race and they’ve changed directions again. Melissa has run over 40 miles and Will has covered over 30.

Everyone’s crushing it. Will just completed a marathon in under 6 hours, over an hour faster than his previous best time.