Today’s run wasn’t remotely impressive, but it’s the best I’ve felt in the month since JJ100. I’ll take the minor victory.

11″ iPad Pro arrived (but no keyboard yet). Initial observations:

  • Very nice. The thinness feels incredible. Flat edges superior to rounded edges.
  • I can’t touch-type on the on-screen landscape keyboard the way I can on the 12″.
  • Camera bump surprisingly doesn’t cause a wobble.

Now that I’ve run my slowest (i.e. most difficult) 100 mile race at Mogollon Monster I’ve discovered the code I use to generate my Race Results page has a bug for durations longer than 24 hours.

My 8yo son wants to do an exclusive little race called The Barkley Marathons. Yesterday he met & walked 21 miles with the race director Laz in Wyoming as Laz makes his way across the USA.