Top: pines at Coyote Ridge Open Space.
Bottom: coyote at Pineridge Open Space.
Not pictured: driving on parkway, parking on driveway.

The Boy’s old bike was comically small for him so he got a new bike that fits. Here he is taking it on it’s maiden voyage last night.

Big group this morning at the Fort Collins Running Club kickoff event for RunningU, the Horsetooth Half training program. You couldn’t ask for better running weather in January.

Both Melissa and Will slept a bit and then ran a couple more laps in the morning. Melissa finished the 24 hour run with 82.9 miles, Will with 38.8. Congrats to them both! #acrosstheyears

Will (standing in solid mud from a day long rain) rings the bell at #acrosstheyears after setting a new personal record of 37 miles. After 12 hours on course he’s now sleeping soundly. Meanwhile, Melissa has just passed 100 km.

Will completed a marathon in 7h20m and kept right on going with his new friend Danica. He is currently at 29.4 miles and very eager to get to 37 so he can ring the bell they have for anyone who sets a new personal record.

Will has already covered 19 miles, more than half the distance he did last year, and he’s motivated to keep going despite the miserable weather at #acrosstheyears

4 hours into #acrosstheyears and the runners are switching directions. Melissa is at 22 miles, while Will has covered 17 miles. It’s cold, rainy, windy in Phoenix.

I’d really like to know what the deal is with the aspect ratio of A Christmas Story. The 16:9 widescreen edition on the Blu-Ray and the iTunes HD download are a cropped (top and bottom) version of the 4:3 edition that was released on DVD (though at higher resolution). Presumably the 4:3 edition was itself a cropped version (left and right) of the original theatrical edition, though I suppose it’s possible (but not likely) the film was shot in 4:3. I’d really like to see the original version…