When I moved into this house 3 years ago I bought a vent to install in the bathroom ceiling. I installed it today. I guess it was hard to find the right combination of motivation, free time, and appropriate attic weather (we only have 2 seasons: summer/winter).

Cold, rainy, muddy: my perfect race weather. 2018 Quad Rock 50 mile race done and dusted. My 9h28m finish was 2 hours faster than I’ve ever run this race before, and, realistically, as good as I could hope on a course with over 2 miles cumulative vertical ascent/descent.

The snow stopped just in time for a spectacular sunset at Palmer Lake. Melissa has run fifty-something miles and she’s still moving pretty well.

41 miles in the first 8 hours of the Palmer Lake Death Race 24 Hour for Melissa. The ❄️ continues to fall, but has let up considerably.

Will and Melissa running the Palmer Lake Death Race 24 Hour. They’re 7 hours in and it’s been snowing for 7 hours, though at 35° F it’s melting as fast as it’s falling.

In Colorado we experience a weather phenomenon I like to call hot-cold. I don’t think I’ve ever been as hot-cold as I was during today’s sunny-windy run. #gnarrunners #☀️ #💨 #🏃 #hotcold

At breakfast this morning my 8yo son spontaeously calculated powers of 2 up to 2^16 in his head. I wasn’t doing that when I was 8.