By accident I discovered ⌘+ and ⌘- in a Mojave Finder window will increase/decrease the icon size. These shortcuts don’t work on High Sierra, and they’re not listed in Finder’s menus.

Family fun run/snowball fight. The snow won’t last long, but wow, is it ever beautiful on top of the autumn foliage.

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Now that I’ve run my slowest (i.e. most difficult) 100 mile race at Mogollon Monster I’ve discovered the code I use to generate my Race Results page has a bug for durations longer than 24 hours.

My favorite race is the Black Squirrel Half Marathon. After running it the past four years I decided to skip it this year, as it fell just one week before the Mogollon Monster 100. I made a video instead.

My 8yo son wants to do an exclusive little race called The Barkley Marathons. Yesterday he met & walked 21 miles with the race director Laz in Wyoming as Laz makes his way across the USA.