Today’s run wasn’t remotely impressive, but it’s the best I’ve felt in the month since JJ100. I’ll take the minor victory.

I’ve challenged myself to run 20,000 vertical feet during Thanksgiving week the past few years. This year I’m recovering from a foot injury and finished the week a few feet shy of that goal.

  • 2015: 20,440 ft.
  • 2016: 20,384 ft.
  • 2017: 20,279 ft.
  • 2018: 3,026 ft.

11″ iPad Pro arrived (but no keyboard yet). Initial observations:

  • Very nice. The thinness feels incredible. Flat edges superior to rounded edges.
  • I can’t touch-type on the on-screen landscape keyboard the way I can on the 12″.
  • Camera bump surprisingly doesn’t cause a wobble.