Well, of all Republicans or Democrats who have ever run for president more people have voted against Trump than anyone else.

Donald J. Trump 151867887
Barack H. Obama 121799869
George W. Bush 112907015
George Bush 105668075
William J. Clinton 104747765
Richard M. Nixon 104049470
Jimmy Carter 89690560
Ronald Reagan 79701798
Franklin D. Roosevelt 76752907
Joseph R. Biden 75028323
Hillary R. Clinton 69654971
John S. McCain 69456897
Adlai Stevenson 69359966
Harry F. Byrd 68334742
W. Mitt Romney 66722003
John F. Kerry 62039073
Walter F. Mondale 54455000
Robert Dole 53675997
Albert Gore, Jr. 53339017
Dwight D. Eisenhower 53053757
Thomas E. Dewey 52034548
Michael S. Dukakis 47946000
George McGovern 46740323
Barry M. Goldwater 42825463
Hubert H. Humphrey 41616943
Gerald R. Ford 40825839
Herbert C. Hoover 37838300
John F. Kennedy 34223894
Alfred M. Landon 27751597
Wendell L. Willkie 27244160
Lyndon B. Johnson 27146969
Harry S. Truman 24295519
Alfred E. Smith 21391381
John W. Davis 20547872
William H. Taft 17723316
Woodrow Wilson 17628014
James M. Cox 17071999
Grover Cleveland 16495271
Calvin Coolidge 13209359
William McKinley 12861058
Benjamin Harrison 12124556
Warren G. Harding 10067152
Charles E. Hughes 9714719
Thomas A. Hendricks 9265382
David Davis 9265382
Charles J. Jenkins 9265382
B. Gratz Brown 9265382
Ulysses S. Grant 8371499
Alton B. Parker 8026381
William J. Bryan 7678908
Horace Greeley 6431257
Theodore Roosevelt 5480806
James G. Blaine 4874986
Winfield S. Hancock 4762994
James A. Garfield 4753530
Abraham Lincoln 4628809
Rutherford B. Hayes 4300590
Samuel J. Tilden 4036298
John C. Breckinridge 3842071
Stephen A. Douglas 3307311
Horatio Seymour 3012833
John C. Fremont 2711169
James Buchanan 2214264
George B. McClellan 2213665
Martin Van Buren 2197975
Lewis Cass 1651600
Franklin Pierce 1541790
James K. Polk 1299062
Andrew Jackson 1139304

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 10:45 AM MDT in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
Smoke from the Cameron Peak fire is out of control today.

Apple’s Sport Loop bands don’t come in sizes small enough to fit my wrist, so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that the smallest size Solo Loop is also too large for me. The Sport Band has never been a problem (I don’t even wear it on the smallest hole). I thought the Solo Loop was supposed to have the same sizing, but that does not appear to be the case. Size 4 Solo Loop is way larger than the Sport Band using second smallest hole.