Post Palmer Lake Death Race lunch at Native Foods Cafe. Will asks, “Are we having fun?”

I’ll let you be the judge.

8 hours into the Palmer Lake Death Race and they’ve changed directions again. Melissa has run over 40 miles and Will has covered over 30.

Everyone’s crushing it. Will just completed a marathon in under 6 hours, over an hour faster than his previous best time.

4 hours into the Palmer Lake Death Race. They just switched from clockwise to counter-clockwise loops. Will has already covered more distance than he did last year at this race.

In honor of The Barkley Marathons taking place this weekend my son and wife baked Barkley themed cupcakes, with “easy” buttons and the yellow gate.

This kid just registered for his first marathon (not counting the 2 ultramarathons he has run). This morning I asked if he wanted to run in mud or no mud. He chose mud.