Will has started his 24 hour run at Across The Years. Melissa slept a few hours and she’s started day 2. Track them here (Mel 1623, Will 1975): https://my.raceresult.com/145502/results?lang=en#0_F5FB0C

Will (standing in solid mud from a day long rain) rings the bell at #acrosstheyears after setting a new personal record of 37 miles. After 12 hours on course he’s now sleeping soundly. Meanwhile, Melissa has just passed 100 km.

Will completed a marathon in 7h20m and kept right on going with his new friend Danica. He is currently at 29.4 miles and very eager to get to 37 so he can ring the bell they have for anyone who sets a new personal record.

I had the good fortune of being selected in the Western States Endurance Run lottery on Saturday, with just a 1% 3% chance. Looks like I’ll be heading to Squaw Valley next June ?‍♂️.

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Will and Melissa running the Palmer Lake Death Race 24 Hour. They’re 7 hours in and it’s been snowing for 7 hours, though at 35° F it’s melting as fast as it’s falling.

217 total miles for Team Ragfield at #acrosstheyears ?. The Boy (36 miles) far exceeded anyone’s expectations for an 8 year old. @cloth_mother (80+ miles) and @sexyhermit (100+ miles) both struggled a bit more than we would have preferred. It is what it is. Time to rest now.

#happynewyear from #phoenix ? 15 hours into #acrosstheyears @cloth_mother has covered 70 miles and is desperately trying to stay awake ☕️ , while Will covered 36 miles and is probably sleeping better than he’s ever slept before ?.